Ready to Work?

Salam and good day everyone

Today I decided to talk about work. Work is always related to stress, don’t you think so? I can see how EVERYONE that i know who have started working are so “annoyed” with their work life. The only difference between them is their stress management, how they perceive their stress. The nearest career woman whom I look up to is my mother. I’m so impressed on how she managed her time between family and work. She’s been working at the same company for the rest of her life (okay 28 years to be exact)! She’s been through many challenges, dealing with different kinds of people (good and bad) but what she kept in mind is “I’ll just focus on getting my job done at my best so that Allah will bless our rizq with barakah”. I’ll be lying if I say that mama never get stressed out, well everyone does right? But she handles it calmly. She will share her stressful day with daddy (he’s a VERY good listener, thumbs up! hehe) and then she’ll be okay, seeing her kids at home makes her feel happy too (when we are at our best behaviours of course, kalau tak tambah stress je). One thing about mama is she’s very organized, well-planned and she’s passionate with her work. Okay that’s three things, oh well. Everyday she’ll cook early in the morning and then after praying fajr she’ll be off to the gym near her work place (40 mins drive from home). Yes! Imagine that she’s been driving back and forth for all these years . Masha Allah, may Allah bless her effort. Amin

Every profession is not easy. Whether you love it so much or you’re forced to do it, there are going to be challenges. Alhamdulillah soon I’m going to attend an interview session with SPA and then I’ll be entering the working life. The preparation includes every aspect; intellectual, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. The famous advice “nanti dah kerja no more free time, enjoy to the max your holiday now.”  Yep, no turning back. No time for regret later.

In conclusion, below are on the top list (insya Allah let’s do it together!) to prepare myself before working:

  • PHYSICAL (fit): regular exercise/cardio workout -doctors kena lah fit kan, kerja dari pagi sampai malam, makan pun tak sempat. Almost half a year holiday, no physical training. Workout and get fit!
  • SPIRITUAL (Ihsan): Always remember that Allah’s watching us. Pray on time! -Doctor is always gonna be busy as a bee sampai solat pon terpaksa dilambatkan sbb kerja yg tak pernah selesai. Too many patients, dealing with people’s life. Jadi semoga dengan usaha kita untuk pray on time from now, dapat melatih kita untuk TIDAK tinggal solat no matter how busy we are. Try to squeeze in our time to pray. Insya Allah may Allah ease.
  • EMOTIONAL (big heart): Open-hearted. I must train myself to always take the positive side, not to be too sensitive in any situation. HO tak terlepas dari kena marah. Jangan ambil hati sgt eh kalau kena marah tu (note to self, walaupun tahu susah..fuhh) Take it as a push to improve ourselves to be a better, competent doctor.

Cukuplah setakat itu, list panjang sangat nanti tak buat pulak.

So, let’s get started! Bismillah.

p/s: All the best to everyone for the interview soon! May Allah ease everything insya Allah




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