What to do after I graduated M.D (overseas)

Alhamdulillah, the SPA interview went well although there are some parts I can improve. Now we’re gonna wait for the offer letter to arrive, kalau ada rezeki maybe in January because the next intake will be in February insya Allah. (but students from CUCMS received their SPA letter already so maybe….I don’t know,we’ll just wait and see)

Since, many of the juniors are interested to know how the interview is taken place, I’ve decided to write this post. This is from my point of view of course, others may have different experience. I’ve also include the procedures before the interview. Take note, okay.

I graduated from First Moscow State Medical University IM Sechenov on 28th June 2015 and came back home to Malaysia on 11th July (if not mistaken). It was one week before raya, I did not planned to submit all the documents (MMC, KKM) anytime soon but there are some students who submitted theirs the week before raya. We submitted ours to MMC in KL on 23rd July (Thursday) and collected our Sijil Pendaftaran Sementara on 29th July (Wednesday) #Tip1: The process takes 4 working days, so it’s better to go on Monday so that you can collect on Friday

To be prepared for MMC:

a) x1 Wang Pos RM20 Addressing “The Registrar of Medical Practitioners”
(Pergi pejabat pos)
b) Gambar terbaru bersaiz passport. (Minimum of 5 untuk kegunaan lain2)
c) x1 Diplom and Transcript Russian and Translation 1 Copy (Certified)
d) Borang 4 dan Appendix A (http://goo.gl/r2ATho)
e) Fitness to practice Declaration Form (http://goo.gl/4C2cXr)
f) x1 Identity Card Copy (Certified)
g) x1 Birth Cert Copy (Certified)
h x1 SPM Copy (Certified)
– Send in these documents to MMC (Block B,Ground Floor, Jalan Cenderasari 50590 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) (Gmaps:https://goo.gl/maps/aZ9dX)

#Tip2: EVERY page must be certified! (depends on kakak yang jaga ada yang tak check betul2 pon each page but to be safe kan)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention right after we finished GOS (our final state exam) I registered to SPA (click it) and fill all the details (personal, education, skills etc) but some of the details we have to let it be blank for a while because it can only be filled after we registered with MMC. #Tip3: Choose the interview centre nearest to you. Senang sikit nak pergi. Jangan lah duduk Kelantan pilih pusat temuduga di Putrajaya kan just because ramai kawan kt situ. But up to you guys, if you really wanna interview at a specific state sebab seniors kata situ interview senang haha (it depends on the panel)

Okay back to MMC, after we collected our Sijil Pendaftaran Sementara then only can we send the documents to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM). Usually, after collecting the cert, people will go straight to KKM (Putrajaya) to hand in their docs but there’s an alternative #Tip4: You can email your scanned documents to KKM (click here to download the form)This is new, so during my batch tak ramai yang convinced to send by email, takut tak sampai ke apa kan but no worries, I’ve called KKM and they said yes, it’s rather easier for you if sent by email.

You have your registration number at Sijil Pendaftaran Sementara MMC. So that number and some other particulars you shall #Tip5: update in your details (Maklumat Akademik>Profesional/Iktisas) on the SPA website and always click ‘Hantar’ (Pengakuan Pemohon>Perakuan>Hantar) to make sure your changes are saved

Time to call the SPA so that they’ll put you in the waiting list. They’ll ask for your name,IC and no. Sijil pendaftaran sementara MMC. Now, the waiting game starts. I settled everything at the end of July and FINALLY received an email from SPA for the interview in early November. My interview was held in Putrajaya on the 20th November (sama dengan husband kita, terima kasih SPA haha but different panels lah). Interview dates are from 11th-27th November all over Malaysia.

Interview starts at 8am. We arrived at 7.45am (ramai dah yang sampai time tu). Some of them arrived even at 6.30am! Gosh. As soon as we arrived, we have to give the copy of the email from SPA and wait for our names to be called. After around 30 minutes I guess, then only my name is called and we received a number and waited for our turn. There’s quite a number of rooms for interview and we went in individually. There was only one panel who did a group interview of four and that one was fun because they said it was more like a discussion and tips from the interviewer on career life.

I got panel 11. There were 2 interviewers, SPA officer and a doctor. The questions for me were:

  • introduce yourself
  • strength and weakness
  • Health minister, Director General of Health, Director General of MARA (because I’m a MARA scholar haha)
  • Explain about integrity (nilai penjawat awam)

AND the doctor gave me only one question which was about COMPARTMENT SYNDROME!! Haha honestly I was so blur and was not expecting that question but the doctor gave me some specific questions and I just rambled from what I understand (by logic haha) I was quite upset with my answer but #Tip6: I must be confident with myself and keep on interacting with the interviewer. Avoid awkward silent moment. My session was only about 10 minutes. Sekejap je. Tapi Ansari lama dalam 20 minit camtu, panel 9 haha.

They were surprisingly okay and friendly, I think they just wanna see how we present ourselves, how we answer the questions confidently. It’s okay to not know something but try to cover it up professionally I guess haha. Bantai je lah

Now the waiting game 2.0 begins. We’ll have to wait for our interview result from SPA (pass or fail huu) and then if we passed insya Allah may Allah ease, we’ll wait for KKM to email the details for ehousemen online registration (once in 2 months, last one was in Nov and next in Jan). A month after registration, KERJAA (Program Transformasi Minda dulu lah kan). Maka selepas itu, bermula waiting game 3.0 untuk berakhirnya Housemanship. haha

Thank you for your time reading these tips yang tak seberapa. Hope it benefits all of you. All the best!

The End.




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