It’s our third week living here in Port Dickson. At the end of 2015, my husband and I decided to make our own living. Quite risky ha? No job = no source of income, but luckily we got some pocket money left saved during university years (to juniors, make sure you have savings for your menganggur months, takkan nak minta parents je kan, at least ada la sikit) and Ansari also makes money from his graphic designing. Not that much, but Alhamdulillah it’s enough for us to survive. 🙂

Why PD? Coz we got a fully furnished apartment here (mama punya wehee) where we rent it for people to stay for a short time (usually during weekends and school holidays). A service apartment. So, to cut off the our house rental budget, we told mama our plan and she was happy about it! She bought this apartment in 1996, 20 years ago and she’s happy that at least there’s someone to look after her apartment.

As we were planning, we tried to look for jobs in PD, browse through jobstreet, jobmalaysia and even asked our friends in PD to help us but in the end there’s no suitable position as far from what we searched. So on the 6th of January, we moved to PD (Telok Kemang to be exact) from Bangi, bringing all the essentials, some are from our wedding gifts; blender, steamer iron (this one’s the best! from my high school girls hihi) and few other things. The car (proton Savy) was so packed with our stuffs. We are excited to start a new life independently.

As soon as we arrived, we settled down,unpacked everything and arranged it all nicely. After that, we went for grocery shopping at The Store in pekan PD (20 minutes away from our apartment). At night, we had dinner at mamak and then doze off till morning. Early in the morning (not that early lah, 9.30am) we went to the pasar to buy some chicken. fish and vegetables. Total about RM40 for 1 week stock. Quite okay lah kan, affordable. We had steamed fish for our first lunch and some spinach. The rest of the day, we just stayed home to sort out things and do some planning.

We planned to go to a pharmacy nearby (Alpro Pharmacy) the next day to ask if there’s any vacancy BUT right before we went to sleep, a friend offered a job as an admin/clerk to Ansari and if he agreed he could start tomorrow! Ansari was a bit reluctant at first, because he’s not really into admin (tak kreatif katanya), he loves to create, that’s why he does graphic designing. Hmm.. I told him to take this precious chance. At least we’ll have a source of income. Alhamdulillah..he said yes to the job!

From 8am to 5pm, Monday-Friday and half day on Saturdays, on the second week I followed him to the office and helped him out. The job is quite complicated because he’s alone at the office and no one to refer to. Any questions must be asked to the previous staff (by phone call) because only she knows it all. Furthermore, it’s not within our expertise. It’s a construction company by the way, so yeah sebutharga, claims, surat siap kerja, renew license, green card etc. Hah tu diaa..Fuh! That’s a lot to catch up. It’s a new experience for us. The boss is okay for me to help Ansari at the office and I might get paid a little too he said hehe. insya Alah, dono yet (hope so :D)

Everyday, we leave at 7.45am and go home at 5pm. Sometimes, I’ll pack lunch for us, cooked early in the morning or the night before but this week we ate outside because the fridge’s empty already. After Asr, we’ll go to the swimming pool for some fitness training! cewah. Before housemanship ni kan, must prepare to be fit. Swimming pool kosong je, the pool is meant for both of us haha.

Okey, that’s all for my update. I hope to write more soon insya Allah. For those who are starting their housemanship end of this February, I pray for the best for all of you! 2 years only meh, go finish it! Yang belum dapat ni, insya Allah April ni kan. Amin







2 thoughts on “Independently

  1. All the best for your new start of life kak fatin 🙂 . I’m a mara student myself and up till now, i can’t see how i can save up 😭 . Mind sharing some tips kak fatin ? Thanks 😊


    1. Thank you 😊 kalau akk dulu at least save 5% from your income(scholarship) tp tu pon akk start cm da nak dekat abes blaja 😅 like 3 yrs before abes. N try kurangkan shopping bnde tak patut hihi nnt time da xde duit mse menganggur baru menyesal apesal la dulu x simpan and beli mcm2 hee


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