Couples at Work

Time for a new job this February! Haha yup after almost a month in Port Dickson, we are now back in Bangi with a new job based in Putrajaya. Both of us, Ansari and I got an offer for a position as a research assistant. PELANTIKAN PEKERJA SAMBILAN HARIAN DI URUSETIA NIH (NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH) KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA, that’s how the offer letter is titled. This is a Disease-Based Costing Study and we are in the analytical team. Tarikh melaporkan diri was yesterday and we are expected to end on 31st March. So, okay la. Ada some time to prepare for HO in April insya Allah.

Guess what? Ansari and I are placed in different groups! (Ada 2 je group- A & D) At first, okay la as expected because on the day we are interviewed, we are told earlier that they prefer single ones 😂 but if ada rezeki both dapat, there’s a huge possibility that we will not be in the same group as it is part of the government policy that husband and wife can’t be working at the same department or something like that la. We are aware of that and we think that it’s not that bad since from the previous batch the travelling time is at most 1 week, so at least ada la weekend kan so no problem.

BUT, my team A is assigned to hospitals in Johor and Selangor while Ansari’s team B in Kedah and Penang. The unfortunate part is Ansari’s team does not have much of a gap (dah ada jadual for each hospital) because they’ll be to and fro Kedah Penang, which Kedah’s working days : Sun-Thurs, Penang: Mon-Fri, so basically macam xde peluang la nk ulang alik balik KL. Gituu.

Yes..dah naikkan concern ni to the boss, tapii “saya dah bagitahu kan hari tu?” We answered, “yes..but ingatkan one week one week mcm tu blablabla” at the end tak dapat pon satu group. Saadd but what to do? Ade jugak terfikir nak quit. Hmm patut ke ah? Huahua

Finally, our solution (for now) is plan cuti pada weekend yg both pon free to spend time together. Alolo.. Eleh nanti dah kahwin you all tau la,,haha So insya Allah takpe la berjauhan sekejap demi mencari rezeki dan pengalaman

Daddy said to us “This is just the beginning..” Haha deep sangat dad. Yeah we know. Once a couple start working, it’s gonna be more tough and challenging with loads of stress. May Allah guide my husband and I through a smooth journey of marriage and career etc. Amin insya Allah

Next post, I’ll tell you more about this job okay? Anyone yang baru grad from medical school or dental or pharmacy bole la apply kerja ni macam best. Macam la, tak start pon lagi hehe sebab baru orientation and training before we get into the real thing. So stay tuned!




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