Antenatal Checkup 

I’m currently waiting for my blood taking after 2 hours having that ‘yummy’ sweet drink. This is my 2 nd time btw. The first one was normal but i need to repeat another one just to be sure i guess. So to fill up the time i just wanted to share in my blog. 

Apart from that sweet drink (MGTT) i also had a regular checkup with the nurse. Little Eddy is very well and active. Moving and kicking around in my uterus since there’s still space hehe. Later when he/she get bigger i’m sure he/she will get a bit upset sebab dah sempit 😂 whatever it is, mama pray that you’ll grow up well and healthy okay ❤️

I’m ending my first posting soon. Tomorrow is my last day in paediatrics. I’m sure i’ll miss working in this nice department. The working environment is amazing. I learned a lot about babies and kids which i think it’s a good exposure for  a mommy-to-be like me. 

It seems to be unbelievable for me that i’m almost completing my first posting. Time passed by so fast. Soon in november i’ll be having an additional member to our family. There’s so much to think about. I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Life is about experience. There is always first time for everything. You just have to get through it and prepare at your best.

Ok that would be all i guess. Still have 1/2 hour before i got poked. I’ll just continue reading my book or articles online. Hehe

Till next time. Thank you for reading


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