Full Term

I’ve reached 40 weeks! Oh my I can’t believe I’ve been carrying this bundle of joy for 10 months! Alhamdulillah…

So, today is supposed to be my estimated due date but till now, no signs of labor yet. My feeling? Well, first of all I just can’t wait for my baby to pop out! I want it to be a spontaneous labor. I hope I’ll be in labor anytime soon within this week. It’s okay if it’s overdue, Allah knows best 🙂 But if it’s too late then my labor have to be induced. 10 nov will be my next TCA with the Dr. if by that time i’m still not in labor.

I’ve been walking around different malls everyday, bouncing on the birth-ball, do some exercise to help induce my labor naturally.

Now, I just wanna relax my mind, not thinking too much about when will my baby decides to come out etc.

Do pray for me and my baby. May Allah ease our journey. I’ll write about my baby soon insya Allah.






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