Aims and targets

Salam n hye everyone.

It has been a while since my last my post. I’ve entered my 4th posting which is orthopedic department. I just finished medical and i really can’t believe i’m done with medical! It was a roller coaster ride for me, felt like quitting for few times in medical but alhamdulillah i passed without extension. Fuh!

Halfway through HO-ship. What is my aim and target in my career? Hmm.. honestly i’m still undecided. Im thinking of being a lecturer or join public health. 

Whatever it is let me finish HO first.

Btw my baby, Aydin Faateh is already 8months. Time really flies so fast! Soon he’ll be walking around in the house actively 😂 maybe in next post i’ll share about him hehe

Thanks for reading! 💋


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